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Hello, and thank you for stopping by!

I'm Cassie, a professional portrait photographer based out of Waverly, NY, specializing in family, child, maternity, and newborn photography.
As your photographer, it's my mission to get to know you and your family.  I like to have fun, and I want to make sure you and your family have fun too!  Through lots of fun activities at my sessions, I'm passionate about capturing the most relaxed sincere connections and intimate details that truly tell your story.   

Wife. Mother. Photographer. Friend

Featured in Child Couture Magazine twice in 2019

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My philosophy is simple.  I strive to take beautiful photos that tell your story.  The moments and connections that you'll want to cherish forever. The ones that you'll frame in your home for years to come.  

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Families & Couples

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Portrait Sessions Include: Family, Engagement, Couples, Maternity & Children


Up to 1 hour
of professional photography
Use of studio props
& outfits including
studio gowns
10 digital images 
Online viewing gallery
Print release 
$50 retainer fee

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Luxury: $399
Use of studio wraps & props
2-4 hours
4 sets
20 digital images

Deluxe: $279
Up to 2 hours
Use of studio wraps & props
3 sets
10 digital images

Starter: $179
30 minutes
1 wrap
2 sets
3 digital images

Online viewing gallery with any collection
$50 retainer due at time of booking

Newborn collections

When should I book a newborn session?

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Simple Smash & Splash: $169
1 simple set
8 digital images
Online viewing gallery
Print release
$50 retainer

Custom Smash & Splash: $259
2 sets (one neutral one custom)
20 digital images
Online viewing gallery
Print release
$50 retainer

cake smash collections

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Up to 2 hours of photography
Indoor & Outdoor Locations
Up to 3 outfit changes
20 digital downloads
Online viewing gallery
Print Release


Get in contact with me to discuss what type of session you're looking for.  The quicker you can get in contact with me, the faster we can get you scheduled.

Upon discussing the type of session you want, I will then ask you for your email to send you a nonrefundable retainer fee.  This fee is to be paid upon booking and it reserves your session with me.

Once your retainer has been paid, we will discuss your date for your future session and you will be added to my schedule of clients.

Step 4: THE LOOK
Once we have a date scheduled, we'll be able to discuss more in detail the look you're going for, whether it be from what to wear to  where we'll hold the session.  Talking to you and getting to know you and your hopes for this session is important to me and I do whatever I can to make your vision come to life. 

It's the day of the session and you're ready to have some fun!  You'll arrive to our agreed upon location whether it's at my studio or an outdoor location.  Make sure to arrive on time as sessions can not go past the entire length of the session scheduled.  Have everyone dressed and ready to rock n roll.  I will do a variety of poses as well as activities that will get you moving and having some fun.  I believe that photography isn't just about standing and looking at the camera.  Although, it's good to have those traditional shots, but I think it's equally important to capture "in the moment" images.  What does that mean?  I want to see connection, smiles and giggles, love and joy coming through your portraits because this captures true emotion and really makes us remember every little detail about that specific point in our lives.  It's truly beautiful to pause that moment, as fleeting as our days, months and years are.

After your session is when my true work begins.  I spend hours going through all of your images choosing and editing the best of the best to upload to your online gallery.  Once I've finished editing your gallery, I will then send you the link to your online gallery where you'll then be able to view your images as well as choose your favorite images from your session according to the package your purchased.  Extras are of course always able to be purchased if desired. 

Once you've chosen all of your favorite images from your session, I will then send you a new link to all of the images you've chosen where you'll be able to download your high resolution digital images to your computer.  I will also include download instructions to help make the downloading process easier.  A print release of your images will also be sent in conclusion to your delivered digitals.  


The Process

So you want to book a session?

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Congratulations on your newest little bundle of joy!

Whether you're currently waiting on your sweet baby's arrival, or your baby has made it's grand appearance, it's of most importance to get in contact with me as soon as possible to schedule your newborn session. 

In newborn photography there is an ideal window that most of us newborn photographers like to schedule your newborn session in.  A typical newborn session takes place within the first 2 weeks of life.    I personally like to schedule my newborn sessions between days 5-10 after they're born.  The reason I prefer this time frame is because newborns are still very sleepy as well as flexible, as they're still very used to being in the womb.  They're much easier to get to sleep, pose, and transition from set to set.  However, it's never too late to schedule your newborns session, even if they're outside of this ideal time frame.  I've photographed many babies, including older and more alert babies.  Awake images can be just as sweet, but sleepy shots are just the cutest!  Those sleepy smiles, that little button nose, those rolls and  those tiny little toes!  They only stay little for so long and the newborn stages goes by way too quickly and they change so fast!  Don't let these moments pass you by without capturing it all!

Newborn safety is my number one priority when you trust me to handle and photograph your sweet babe.  I've been trained in newborn safety, and have attended many newborn workshops.  So please take comfort in knowing your precious baby is in great hands when you arrive to my studio for newborn portraits.

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